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Media and Resources For Using "My Last Day"

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Media and Resources for "My Last Day"
We’ve provided the resources below to equip you to use "My Last Day" as an evangelistic tool. Our hope is that the items below help you effectively share the gospel with a new generation of seekers.

"My Last Day" HD MP4


This High Definition (HD) file in English, can be used for more advanced presentations. As this is a very large file (over 660MB), it will take quite some time to download.

Download HD MP4 Now

A smaller, friendlier-to-share MP4 file (in 25MB or 108MB) can be downloaded visiting the site.

"My Last Day" Images

Click to download these images for any marketing purpose. There are high resolution images for printing, including flyers and low resolution images for web standard quality.

High Resolution Images (TIFF files ~ 300 DPI)

backgrounds_01 backgrounds_02 backgrounds_03 backgrounds_05 backgrounds_06

Low Resolution Images (Photoshop files with vignette masks ~ 72 DPI)

Face in Hands Dark Thief Dove Glow Cross Glow Jesus

"My Last Day" Watch, Share, Download

More languages
More languages are available on the site, where you can watch, grab the embed code, share with a friend, or download the clips.

Marketing Postcard


This .zip file contains the front and back of a postcard that can be customized and used for marketing a "My Last Day" viewing.

Download Now

DVD Label

DVD Label

The PSD version of the DVD label for "My Last Day" can be customized as needed. The standard label can be downloaded as a JPG.

Download PSD | Download JPG